Beltshop was founded in 2005 by Boris Uvaidov in a small shop on Agripas Street 71 in Jerusalem, near the legendary Machane Yehuda market.The successful combination of belt and buckle and personalization with the customer is Boris’s secret.
A huge selection of fine Italian leather belts in a variety of colors and buckles for every style and taste makes the store special and an attraction for local visitors and tourists.Beltshop – being the leader in the Israeli market in the production of leather belts for men and women.
Belt shop is one of the leading companies in the country in the production and design of leather belts for men and women. The belts are made of full, high-quality leather and undergo a very rigorous quality control process, ensuring a long-term use.
The Beltshop displays a large selection of buckles and belts of different widths and colors and offers assembly to suit your personal taste and size.
Beltshop is a leading supplier of chains and luxury stores and is one of the major manufacturers of diversified leather belts according to the customer’s demand for leading companies and institutions in the Israeli economy.

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