Looking to choose the perfect belt to go with your fabulous look? 🤵👨‍💼

Both for men and women?
First of all, remember that the best belts are always matching with your other fashion items: the slacks, the shoes, the tie, and your overall style. 💼
Secondly, mind the importance of the buckle to fit your general vibe – as elegant as needed, precisely massive, and impressive. 🤝
Belts are divided into two types: formal and informal. The non-formal ones can be decorated with unique stitches and patterns. 💫
But if you need to “suit up,” the basic yet luxurious belts made of the finest leather are your go-to choice. 👔
Whatever you pick, quality always comes first.👌
This chart will help you to define your size 👇

size cm
34 85
36 90
38 95
40 100
42 105
44 110
46 115
48 120
50 125
52 130

how to choose a leather belt