To ensure that your leather products age beautifully and have a long-term durability, we recommend:

  • Leather succumbs easily to mould and mildew, always store your leather products in cool, dry places. Avoid areas with high temperatures, humidity or poor ventilation.
  •  Leather is porous and needs to “breathe”. Therefore, do not store leather product in plastic or air-tight containers. Store item in its original cloth bag after each use.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to strong heat or direct light.
  • Only use recommended leather care products to maintain your item.
  • Avoid contact with liquids especially oils, chemicals and solvents such as hand cream, perfumes and hairspray.
  • If your item comes into accidental contact with liquids, gently dab the affected area immediately using a dry, soft, light-coloured cloth.
  • Avoid over filling the item to maintain its original shape.
  • Minimize contact with sharp objects and rough surfaces as it may scratch or damage the item.
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